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Our Safety Policy

Zero Incidents RIDOK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD is committed towards identifying risk and establishing efficient and effective procedures for safe operation, safety of personnel and environmental protection in compliance with the mandatory rules and regulations thereby preventing any accident at work that could result in the loss of life and damages to personnel, properties and environment.We are committed in ensuring the most reliable, efficient and safe services towards clients property. RIDOK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD commit s a very high priority to conserving and protecting the environment by preventing any form of environmental pollution.We ensure continuous improvement of the safety system by conducting adequate training/exercise and supporting with other resources as required. With a dedicated team of safety personnel, we are committed to fostering safety performance and a safety culture second to none. OUR

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Our Security PolicyIt is our policy to provide a secured working environment by actively ensuring and maintaining a safe and secured working environment for the company and client personnel/crew members, assets, and installations.

Our Security Plan

RIDOK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD had the following objectives in establishing the measures provided in the security plan which are as below;

  • Provide security procedures and practices for company operations to protect its installations, security of ports of call and allied
  • Establish safe working measures to reduce the risk to passengers, crew and port personnel on board the company installations.
  • Improve the security skills and awareness of company personnel onshore and offshore.
  • Prepare conngency measures for emergencies relang to possible security incidents.
  • Idenfy the potenal of react to deter and prevent terrorist or criminal acvies from happening.
  • Provide a plan to effecvely manage security response effort from the vessel to corporate office.

In achieving these objectives, RIDOK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD have employed the following measures; A security assessment and security plan to each ISPS compliant asset or installation. Comprehensive training for company personnel. Actively promoting security awareness among company personnel. Regular documented review and internal audit of security procedure and plans, in order to allow for constant updates and improvements. All applicable employees are expected to comply with required procedures within the security plan and should be familiar with their relevant security duties for the prevention of unlawful acts.

Ethics and Quality

Our Business and Operating Philosophy

RIDOK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD identifies and adheres to safe and outlined working and applicable practice in operation and safe working practices. We identify threats and establish safety measures to curb the occurrence of any accident. We ensure proper preparation for the control of emergencies related both safety and environment. We ensure compliance with all statutory rules and regulation and other regulatory and mandatory requirement through other agencies. We ensure qualitative services that are relevant to the growth of the world economy in the areas of general marine businesses, oilfield operations and engineering constructions and other related services. We value our individual and combined strength of diverse and talented work force. We ensure collective efforts by personnel that are principle based and characterized by innovation, God fearing, integrity as well as communication and creative collaboration at all levels of management and partnership in delivering superior value services to our clients and upholding our values and standards of excellence.